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How do you teach the beginners?

The beginners or Playground Legends are normally taught in groups of six and the basis of these lessons is all about fun. There is no pressure to perform or in achieving results. We believe that children need to have a love of the sport before they can reach any real potential, it's natural that everyone does better at things they like. So while we certainly teach how to swing a forehand and serve, there is a lot of games drilled around the skills of tennis. Making it fun while learning the basics.


How old should a child be in starting?

That's a tough one. We encourage the parents to look at brining the kids to lessons at around 5 years of age. Certainly it will depend on the child themselves, some have a better ability but more importantly they need to be able to focus or concentrate for the lesson period.


What about competitions, do you have them?

Yes. We understand that there is not much point in getting lessons without being able to put into practice and actually play a set or two. Please enquire about what level and days are available.


What is your wet weather policy?

In the event of rain, we try and make up lessons in the term.


What do I do if it looks like rain?

If you are ever in doubt about if the lesson will be on due to possible rain. Please contact me on my mobile 0404 277 462 if the lessons have been cancelled, I will leave a message to that effect stating the day and date. If it goes to my normal message bank, then assume that the lessons are on and come on down. If you are really unsure then you could try and call my land line 4385 5564 (no guarantee of answering)


What if I am sick?

Sickness is a normal part of life. Our policy is because you are holding down a spot, and that we only ever have limited numbers in each group. You are expected to pay. This has to be enforced as you are booking that spot exclusively.


Are you a qualified coach?

Yes. I have a level 2 ATPCA certificate and a current member


Do you coach adults?

Certainly do. I have a number of adult clients. Mostly they enjoy the fitness challenge and improving their game. If you are looking for a good work out it is a great way to get fit while enjoying a sport in the beautiful Terrigal sun.


Do you still play tennis at a competitive level?

Yes, I love the sport and thrill of competing. I play the veterans events in Australia and around the world. I ended the 2005 year as world number 3.


What do you think is the best thing about tennis?

It really is an international sport, and no matter where you go in the world you can always find a game with someone. It is a sport for life and all abilities, I have made my life around this sport from meeting my husband and raising two kids who also love to play. I would encourage any one thinking of playing to do so.


What do you enjoy about coaching?

I really love meeting the people who come to me. I have made great friends of some of my clients and love to see the smiles on the kids faces.